I want to start photography, what do I need to buy to get equipped?

Two professional photographers give their advice.

You always have your smartphone in your hand to instagrame, immortalize your evenings, holidays, subway trips, family parties … It’s high time to take the plunge and get started! But to go from a smartphone to what?

Hybrids are the kings of the market today, with a growing range of optics and excellent image quality. DSLRs are still a safe bet and are still preferred by many professionals, especially for their optical viewfinders and the quality of their images. Finally, bridges and compacts are making a small place for themselves thanks to the versatility of the former and the small size of the latter.

Start with an easy-to-use second-hand camera

Grégoire Eloy is a professional photographer, member of the Parisian collective Tendance Floue, and for him, there is nothing better than a reflex camera to sharpen his photographer’s eye: “To start with, your best companion will be a reflex camera, there are now very affordable second-hand models available. “But what about the hybrids and compacts that are flooding the market? “If you’re afraid of the size of a DSLR, don’t be, there are some very good quality hybrids and compacts out there.

For Bruno Meignien, manager of the Canteen of Photographers, it all depends on your lens. If you want a simple and functional camera, “a compact model will be enough”. But if you want to go deeper, “the SLR offers more potential. Make your first steps easier, work with your settings in automatic, then try them out one by one. »

For our two specialists, the choice of lens must be made according to your desires. You won’t have the same needs if you’re doing portrait or sports photography. To progress step by step, “opt for a 35 or 50 mm fixed lens,” explains Grégoire Eloy. Want to shoot a subject that’s far away? “If you want to shoot a subject that’s far away, get physically closer, look for it, adapt to it, that’s how you learn, you have to come out of your shell! »

Most of the current models are sold in kit form with an 18-55 mm zoom, “enough to start with if you still want to have a zoom,” Bruno Meignien adds, “when you have progressed and taken your camera in hand, it will be time to test other lenses. »

There are photo bags of all sizes and for all types of use.Grégoire Eloy warns: “With a professional bag, you will be identified as a photographer. For more discretion, don’t hesitate to look at a model with an urban style or add protective foam to a normal bag. “The most important thing in all cases is to “keep your camera around your neck or ready to take off quickly,” adds the photographer.

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